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“You really blew my mind when I saw my updated credit report & 6 bankruptcies were completely gone!”

“I really am quite amazed by what you do! Several years ago I tried one of those so-called ‘non-profit credit & debt management organizations and got burned.

After that I swore I would never try anyone again claiming to fix bad credit or erase negative credit files.

But then I saw you guys and thought ‘what the heck?’ and decided to try you anyhow.

Man, am I ever glad I decided to just go ahead and trust you!

You all have restored my faith, and also my credit rating in the process. I can now live the life I always wanted.”

Ricky Desmond
Dayton, OH

“Just wanted to say thanks for doing exactly what you promised!”

“You all said you would deliver and that’s what you did!

I now have a 780 credit score, and can finance practically anything I want

I don’t know how you did it because last year I answered a credit repair ad by an attorney and he only was able to help me a little, and even worse what he got taken off eventually came back one month later on my credit report

But NOT with you guys!

It’s gone, and has stayed gone… and this is after nearly 11 months.”

Cindy Douglas
Anaheim, CA
“My FICO went up from low 400s all the way up to 836 in just months!”

“A friend of mine said that your offer was probably bogus, but I decided to take a chance on you anyways.

I am so glad I didn’t listen to my friend!

I now have an almost ‘perfect’ credit score (an amazing 836 FICO) and after only 4 months time since I first enrolled in your incredible services package.”

Steve Crispin
Carson City, NV
“I have seen my own credit score soar up over 100 points [higher] in a few months!”

“I wanted to write to let you know just how impressed I have been with your service.

I am in the mortgage business, and up until meeting you and personally using your service I had no idea that it was possible to ‘clean-up’ credit reports.

I have seen my own credit score soar up over 100 points in a few months and have since then referred several other people to you and they all have also seen similar results.

I recently purchased a new car and it felt great going onto the car lot, knowing that I was going to get the best interest rate available because of your help.

I recommend your service to anyone looking to boost their credit score.”

Jeff C
Atlanta, GA

“… [T]hey didn’t ask for a deposit!”

“We were able to get a phone.  You know, they did not ask for a deposit.

I was shocked…

I can’t tell you what your [business] to [our family].

Not a day has gone by that we have not thanked God for you …”

Mike & Stephanie T
Carlsbad, CA

“Thank you for what a wonderful job you did for us!”

“Thank you so much for all you have done already…

[W]e feel compelled to thank you for a wonderful job you’ve done for us!”

Attorney at Law, PC

“You have proven to be an asset to my business!”

“I consider [your] service… to be an essential tool to my business.

In today’s economy, it becomes increasingly more difficult to survive without picture-perfect credit.

[You] can make that happen for any or all that use [your] services.

The end result is more sales for our company and bigger pay checks.

[You have] proven to be an asset to this business and we recommend [your] services highly.”

Mortgage Company

“[Y]ou have accomplished what I truly thought was impossible!”

“Within just a few short months, you have accomplished what I truly thought would be ‘impossible’.

[From the start], you assured me that even the most difficult credit issues could be addressed.

You have been true to your word and we are so very pleased with the exceptional service you have rendered.

I believe you have gone above and beyond the ‘call of duty’.

You could surely charge much more for your service, because you give the highest quality of service and attention to your clients.

You have our heartfelt thanks.”

Sally & Thomas B

“You got rid of my bankruptcies!”

“I’m writing to you to thank you … At first I wasn’t sure you could get both bankruptcies off our credit reports, but you did … it was surely worth the wait.

We are so grateful … because if it weren’t for you … we wouldn’t be in our new [home] we just purchased … you’re not just a credit repairer, you’re a miracle worker.

I have told everyone about you and will continue to recommend you to everyone who might need your service.”

Nancy & Gerald F
Syracuse, NY

“Excellent work!”

“Thank you for the good work you and your staff have done… ”

Birmingham, AL

“[Now] I will be the first in my family to buy a house!”

“I thank you for all your help.

A second chance is what everyone needs… I will be the first in my family to buy a house. 

This could not have happened without your company.

I thank you again … May God bless you all and again, thanks for a second chance.”

The Green Family
Mason, OH

“[My] friends told me you were a money-making scam… but now I have the home of my dreams!”

“I am writing to say thank you so much for repairing my credit.

I must admit, I was very skeptical at first, and family and friends were telling me that nobody could repair my credit… and that it was probably a money-making scheme… but I felt I had nothing to lose and tried it anyway.

I am so glad that I did, because now I am the proud owner of a brand new home.

Thanks for your service… My credit score was probably as low as it could get and I tried and tried to get a loan for a house - but kept getting turned down over and over again.

Now my credit score is 658 and I was able to get the home of my dreams.  Thanks so much.”

Sherry W
Salt Lake City, UT

“I’m now at a FICO of 730 and my wife is at 694!”

“Yesterday, my wife and I had the pleasure of leasing a new car.

In that process, the lending institution accessed both our credit ratings.

Awesome… simply awesome.

My rating was 730/800 while hers was 694/800. 

We sincerely appreciate your effort and, most importantly, the results you are attaining.”

Bob & Bonnie C
Baltimore, MD

“[B]ecause of you I can now buy a house!”

“… I do appreciate all your hard work which has been wonderful, and I’m very pleased at what I have seen so far, and without you, I would not even be considered for a loan to buy a house…

Thank you for all your awesome work.”

Tieva C
Boulder City, C
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